Holiday Dialysis in Lucerne

Lucerne is a popular destination for holidays and recovery. The city offers lots of places of (cultural) interest. While your stay in Lucerne you can come to our Dialysis-Practice for the Hemodialysis.

It expects you one modern equipped Dialysis-Practice. You will be cared by an experienced team and a great physician.

Please get in touch with us as early as possible before the first dialysis with us. So we can sign you in. Get the application doc. at "Application".

Foreign patients should check with their health insurance company if they cover all treatments.

You will need an accepted European Health Insurance or an additional E112 form. We accept only cash in swiss francs. With the receipt you get from us you can get back the money from your insurance company. The rates for dialysis are usually regulated in Switzerland.

Bring the following Documents:

  • Diagnose list
  • Last Dialysis protocol
  • Current Medication with Dose indication
  • Current Laboratory findings
  • Diagnostic data sheets to hepatitis B + C and HIV

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